Customized OEM machining stamping U pipe saddle clamps

Model:CWFSP-32 Material:Stainless steel 304 Size:32mm Type:Full

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How do pipe clamps work? In most instances, pipe clamps work by fixing securely around the pipe and suspending it from a surface or rail system. They simply lock around the pipe to clamp it in place so that it is secure. Since there are many different types of pipe clamp, however, you will find that they can work slightly differently. 1.Standard clamps work by securing two screws in place, one on either side of the clamp. More state of the art versions of standard clamps can include single screw pipe clamps for faster fixing and more advanced two screw clamps that have additional features such as anti-loss washers and captive locking nuts and screws. 2.Saddle clamps work by fixing over the top of half of the pipe, whilst the other half sits on a flat surface. 3.Pipe hangers or U Bolts allow the pipe to sit into the bottom section of the clamp. The hanger is typically fixed at the top to a piece of strut. The 1-1/4 in. Strap Clamps are U-shaped conduit support devices used to anchor conduit to interior or exterior surfaces. They are constructed of Stainless Steel and feature 2 holes in the feet to allow mounting with screws or nails. The package contains 50 pieces for your convenience. 1).U-shaped conduit support devices used to anchor conduit to interior or exterior surfaces 2).Constructed of Stainless Steel 3).2 holes in the feet of each strap allow mounting with screws or nails 4).UL certification is available for your safety and peace of mind

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